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Nino dagostino



The drive was there fore about three days.


When you went to file explorer the drive would be one of the selections.


I was afraid someone was getting into my computer.


The drive is now gaune.


I tried several things to remove it.


I went disk manager to remove it.


That did not work.


For now the drive is gaune but, it was scarry.


Thanks dave.




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Subject: Re: unwanted drive f: esp


Hello Nino:


I cannot remember, if you mentioned whether you had checked in Windows Explorer, (Or whatever it is called in later versions of Windows), to find out what kind of drive it is! Tell me, Does the drive appear in the main list of drives or, does it appear in the Device with Removable Media list? Have you installed any software which creates a virtual drive as part of its installation?


Let us know, and some of us might be able to help you from there.




Dave Durber


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Subject: unwanted drive f: esp




If I cant get rid of the drive how can I limit what goes in the drive.


I don’t want the drive collecting data sence I don’t know how it got there.


Any help would be appreciated.



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