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I am in the states and just 2 weeks ago I ordered and had no problems. Just a problem tonight. Have no clue why- and actually I am still wondering if my order went through since I have not received a confirmation via email. Not sure what is going on.

Thanks to all for your help. I've got the number now and will check on my order tomorrow through the disability number.


On 5/25/2018 9:06 PM, Sandra Streeter wrote:
Just ordered stuff a couple weeks ago--no problems. Are you in the States?


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Hi all,

In the past I could breeze right through a purchase on

But not any more! I've heard they have made some changes and it has left
me totally frustrated! Then on top of that, I couldn't even find the
Amazon disability phone number on their website. Can anyone tell me what
it is? I may need to become "dependent" on their disability customer
service.  Grrrrrrrrr!


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