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I believe (and I have mine set this way) you can view your calendars in overlay mode, so that all events show up concurrently in the same view. Check the View menu.
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Hi Jo and Robin,

Robin - the keystroke to jump from one calendar to another when both are on screen is F6.

Jo - below are some notes I wrote on this feature last December using JAWS 17. Apologies if this goes into too much detail or doesn't work for your situation.

You must always have one calendar open. To view someone else's calendar, you must open it alongside yours and then, if you wish to, you can close your own calendar.

From your calendar, Shift + F6 moves you to the folder tree view if it's onscreen. If it isn't on screen, you can use Alt + F1 to put it there; you may have to press Alt + F1 more than once. You can also turn it on from the ribbon - look for the Folder pane option on the View tab or in the Tell me what you want to do feature (Alt + Q)

The tree view contains the calendars you have available grouped within at least three groups. The My Calendar group holds your calendars - usually you have only one. Another group will have your manager's name; this group holds the calendars of the other people in your team. You might also have groups called Shared Calendars and Other Calendars; these group will be empty to start with, but if you open any other calendars, they will be put here.

JAWS works poorly in this tree view. It doesn't distinguish between headings of groups and items (which are indented on screen), and sometimes it misreports whether an item is checked (i.e. that person's calendar is visible on screen) or not.

The first time you open someone's calendar, you search for them in the Outlook address book, and when you open their calendar it is added to your Other Calendars group. The next time you want to open their calendar you can just find them in that group.

There are two ways to open someone's calendar for the first time.

1. Alt, H, O, C to get a menu, Enter to open the address book. Find someone in it in the usual way, then press Enter twice to open their calendar and close the address book. Focus will be left on the Shared Calendar group heading,

2. Alt, F, O, U to open a dialogue; type the name and press Enter, or Shift-Tab, Enter to open the address book and proceed as above.

To open someone's calendar after this, you can use either of these methods, or Shift + F6 to the tree view and find it there, then press Space, F6, F6 to move to it.

To close a second calendar once you've opened it, you can Shift + F6 to the tree view, find the calendar you want to close and press Space to uncheck it. Each time you open Outlook, it reverts to viewing just your calendar.

When you have two calendars open at the same time, they will have the same view - day, week, month etc. I like the week view, but sometimes when I open a calendar for the first time it changes to another view, so it's worth knowing the keystrokes for changing to different views. Alt + Ctrl + 1 gives you day view, Alt + Ctrl + 2 gives you week view and doesn't include the weekends, Al + Ctrl + 3 gives you week view including the weekends, and Alt + Ctrl + 4 gives you month view.

Keyboard navigation has changed for me with a recent update to Office; it used to be that Tab cycled around the items for whatever view was on screen, then some options for the weather and searching, and then back to the first of the calendar items. Now, Tab moves between the items for the view on screen and, when it gets to the last one, another Tab updates the screen to show the next day, week or month and I can go through those items. I know it's possible to alter when Office updates happen, so others may have had this update some time ago or may not have had it yet.

Hope that helps,
Steve 🐾

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I have recently been referring to 2 additional calendars aside from my own in Outlook. Once checked in the left navigation pane, and assuming you are using the day view, the additional calendars will appear to the right of your personal calendar. I find it easiest to use Control G to go to the date I need, then tab through my own appointments for the day. Once I have reached the last appointment, the next tab takes me to the first appointment for the day on the next calendar and so on. I am not yet aware of a way to jump quickly to the next calendar.

Is this what you are referring to or are you wanting to just using the scheduling assistant to schedule a meeting with others?

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Subject: Can jaws work with shared calendars?

Hi Group,
Working on a project and need to be able to access multiple calendars in Outlook 16 and be able to add appointments.
Is this possible?

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