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You can do this using the “Say All” Scheme of the JAWS for Windows Quick Settings.


  1. Open the browser and focus on the page  you’d like to read
  2. Open JAWS for Windows Quick Settings (JAWS KEY-V)
  3. In the search-edit field, input ”Scheme” without the quotes. This searches for the “Say All” scheme
  4. Within the search results, focus on the first “Scheme” result. This is the Scheme for “Say All”
  5. Rotor among the options with SPACEBAR. You want to focus on “Say All Text Only”
  6. Navigate to the OK button and activate it to save the changes


You can now read the web page without link notifications. 


Return to the standard link echo by repeating the steps above but select “No Change.”






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Thank you to everyone who has replied, and may be yet to reply, for giving a range of options to address this issue.

I certainly wouldn't have known about any of them otherwise.


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