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Terrie Terlau

Hi John,

Sorry if I missed this, but are you using the Focus 40 or another braille display and inputting text in UEB or Grade 2 English braille and the problem is with the back translation?

I used to input Grade 2 braille on a Focus 40 with no problem, but this was several years ago. Please let us know what display you are using. These  are really bad errors and should not occur. I hope you get a positive response from VFO. (hope that’s the correct name of the company that bought Freedom Scientific).


Terrie Terlau

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I got really excited when I read Jaws has the new LIBLOUIS available. Sadly, the strrange translation issues I  was hoping would be fixed relating to UEB English are still there. And there are two in UK English grade 2. It makes me wonder why noone else appears to be picking them up? Does everyone else input in Computer Braille? I really would like to know if this is the case as maybe I should learn to do that too because these errors are quite big and long-standing.


So the word ‘first’ comes out as first's  if you use the contraction f and st sign. The word it’s comes out as x’s if you use the letter x with apostrophe s.


In UK English grade 2 anything with a double L comes out with the word little in it. So ball becomes balittle and so on. Strangely the word ‘first’ translates fine but the word ‘it’s’ has the same error.  I would really like to hear if anyone experiences this? It only happens if contracted input is used so if everyone is using computer Braille for input and UEB or UK English for display they will not see it.





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