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I had the same problem, it ended up becoming really annoying , so I disabled password at log in. if you're happy to remove the password at log in, it can be done. on older builds of windows there used to be a option in user settings to disable password, but for some reason that’s gone in the latest windows versions. because of not having speech at the log in with jaws I googled around for a solution, I found a few websites all suggesting this as a fix, bring up start and type netplwiz, and hit enter , or bring up the run command and type it there and press enter, it will then bring up a window where you can amend whether windows asks for a password or not. I gave this ago and it worked fine for me and allowed me to disable password at log in and now takes me straight to the desktop when I first turn on my PC.


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I’m not sure if this has been covered before. At my work, I have 15 computers in a lab, all running Windows 10, with JAWS 2018 and/or Fusion 2018. They are all networked and all log into a domain. When cold booting them, , The lock screens and login screens don’t always speak in spite of Jaws or Fusion being told to start at login. This is a royal pain both for me, and especially for my students who are new to using computers with Jaws. Is there a way to dispense with lock screens altogether and just go straight to a login prompt that will consistently speak?? Our local IT guys say no. What say you?
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