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You can press ESCAPE to close the lock screen.


If you are using Windows Home edition, you can disable the lock screen in the registry. There are instructions for that on the Internet. I don’t feel comfortable recommending that option.


If you’re using Windows 10 Pro, you can edit the Lock Screen in the Group Policy Editor.


In Windows 10 Pro, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Search for “gpedit” without the quotes
  3. Activate “Edit Group Policy” in the search results


This opens a window with a tree view on the left and options for each tree view item on the right. Focus is placed in the list view.


Within the Group Policy Editor:

  1. Within the list view, focus on “Administrative Templates”
  2. Navigate to the right side of the Window with TAB and focus on “Control Panel”
  3. Activate “Control Panel” to display more options
  4. Within the new list, activate “Personalization”
  5. Another list is displayed, activate “Do Not Display the Lock Screen”


This opens a window specific to the locks screen.  To configure the lock screen:

  • Navigate to the radio buttons
  • Within the radio buttons, select “Enabled.”  This means the lock screen will not be displayed
  • Activate the OK button to save  the changes and close the Window


Close the Group Policy Editor with ALT-F4 and you’re done.






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I’m not sure if this has been covered before. At my work, I have 15 computers in a lab, all running Windows 10, with JAWS 2018 and/or Fusion 2018. They are all networked and all log into a domain. When cold booting them, , The lock screens and login screens don’t always speak in spite of Jaws or Fusion being told to  start at login. This is a royal pain both for me, and especially for my students who are new to using computers with Jaws.  Is there a way to dispense with lock screens altogether and just go straight to a login prompt that will consistently speak?? Our local IT guys say no. What say you?

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