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I had the same issue but I'm using Windows 7 64bit.� I fixed the problem by installing a usb sound card.� Called freedom several times and they all told me it was a sound card issue but couldn't tell me how to fix it.� Then I finally got a tech who told me she was aware of the issue and told me to try adding a usb sound card.� I did and it stopped the fading.� Unfortunately, it also had an effect on the eloquence voice.� It made it abruptly stop at the end of a sentence.� That wasn't a great thing.

On 5/22/2018 7:44 PM, louise peyton wrote:


Yesterday I downloaded the May Jaws 2018 update.� Today I installed the spring update of Windows 2010. After the installation of the latest windows update, my Jaws screen reader voice began fading in and out.� I can bearly hear it, then suddenly the volume increases then decreases. Has anyone else noticed this?� How can this issue be corrected?� Thanks in advance.

Louise Peyton

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