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if your wanting to create new folder in outlook,

however, you want the folder on the same level as all the other folders, and not inside the inbox,


try the following;


creating folders,


1, use the keystroke,

ctrl+shift+e=create new folder,

you will hear,

folder name edit,

so, type in the name of folder,

now tab,

you will hear;

folder contains mail and post items,

tab again, you will hear inbox,

you don't want this, so hit the home key,

you should hear;

zero, and perhaps the email account associated with the outlook,

now tab enter on ok.

now if you do a ctrl+y=go to folder, type the letter of the folder created, you should hear the folder name.



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Subject: new folder in outlook 2016



How do I create a new folder in outlook 2016? I want this folder not to be placed in the inbox.  Thanks in advance.

Louise Peyton

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