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kevin meyers <kman2020@...>

I plugged in the ear plugs today and I alt tabbed like you did and I could choose head phones. In Windows 7 that screen came up automatically.


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Do you mean the sound comes out over the loudspeaker of the laptop and not the earplugs?


I had such a problem.

Sound card needed to be updated or something.


It is working fine now except that if I unplug earphones and plug them in again, I have to alt-tab to the option where I have to select the 4th option to have the sound come through the earphones.

Not all the options are labled; thus I know mine is the 4th when going down with the arro keys.



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Subject: Using ear plugs on laptop


Hello, I’m using Jaws2018 and Windows10 on my laptop. I plugged in my ear plugs and I couldn’t hear Jaws. I made sure it was plugged in all the way and it was. On my old laptop with Jaws 2018 and Windows7 I would get a message that would show up on the screen asking me what I wanted to do. One of the options was using headphones/ear plugs. Do I need to do something in Windows 10 to use ear plugs?nothing

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