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Robin Frost

Yes as I indicated I tried spacebar, enter left mouse button simulation key pass through on all keys tried. I did it all and sadly nothing impacts it. So polite advocacy with them continues.
From: Steve Nutt
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2018 4:13 AM
Subject: Re: Difficulty with the site in the USA and Screen Readers

Hi Robin,


Daft I know, but did you try pressing Enter on that radio button?  I’m not in the US and don’t have an account with USPS, so can’t try it.


All the best




From: <> On Behalf Of Robin Frost
Sent: 21 May 2018 00:59
Subject: Difficulty with the site in the USA and Screen Readers



As I indicated in another thread and again apologies for intruding into that one. I am experiencing an issue on the recently new and supposedly improved roll out of the

web site. When one logs in and goes to create a shipping label or print a label as some browsers call the link the following problem occurs.

After filling in all label information such as recipients name address shipping date and whether they need to receive an email or not you’re presented with radio buttons for choosing whether you’ll be using a flat rate box or will be using your own box and entering package weight. When the latter enter package weight radio button is selected with JAWS 2018 or other screen readers it registers that this radio button has been adequately selected but the edit fields for entering said weight information remain grayed out.  This is the case whether one uses enter spacebar keep pass through jaws cursor or touch cursor under Windows 10 and in all browsers tried such as Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft edge, Google Chrome and Fire Fox 60 with all maximized.

Thus it seems to me that this is an issue with web site code not necessarily screen readers but that’s just my own hypothesis at the moment.  As I said I reported it to the USPS the day it was discovered May 1st via Twitter and via their own tech support number and it was escalated as a sighted tech support couldn’t manifest the issue it’s only occurring when screen readers are in play. Sadly I’ve heard nothing back from them yet. So if any other users have USPS accounts and experience similar results do report it to them in the interest of helpful advocacy.

I hope that clarifies all that was tried before I reported it to them or mentioned it on list.

Take good care.


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