Re: JAWS 13 on a new pc, speech cutting off too soon


Well, thanks for sharing, Mike.
I am certainly not very happy either.
Getting a new machine, spending the money that is in short supply, to replace an old XP machine that was at least not stuttering like this.
It does make a camper wonder what to think. Or what the heck is the deal.

This pc is just so new, a Dell XPS 8300, running at 3.4 GHz. It has Windows Ultimate, it is a 64-bit operating system. I ordered it from Dell, put extra RAM on it, 12 Gigabytes.

If my JAWS problem is related to the sound card, I wonder why. My Kurzweil K-1000 program is running, speaking Eloquence, smoothly, without this problem. So one would not think that the sound card is the issue.

I will contact Freedom Scientific, and hopefully they may be able to help.

It is odd, indeed. And while in some ways I can live with it, I do find that it really disrupts my flow. And I wonder how you can stand it?

And Merry Christmas to everyone.

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Hi Rick,

I have the same problem on a Widows7 32 Bit system. I have tried 3
different sound cards, changed display settings, & kicked it a couple of
times just because, & I still have the same problem! LOL LOL On the other
hand my Widows7 64 Bit system works just fine, go figure.

For everyone on the list, have a very merry Christmas and the Happiest of
New Years!

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Good suggestion.

In fact, this was what I was thinking, too.
Because this new pc does have 2 sound cards.
When I went through the customize ordering of the Dell, I selected this
It is a Sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme audio card, and it is installed in an
expansion slot.

This behavior I described has been there right from the beginning. I
I would look in the JAWS utilities under sound cards. And sure enough the
setting had the checkbox on Windows default. The Soundblaster was listed
there. So I hit enter on that, and now it is checked. Sadly, however, my
problem remains.

Might I need to reinstall JAWS or something?
I should add, that the reading is fine until the end of any string of text
when it cuts off too early.
Even in reading menus or whatever it is not finishing the word.


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Rik, do you have another soundcard or audio device you can try
putting Jaws Through on that machine? If so, go to Jaws, U for
Utilities, O for Sound Cards, and you can specify a different sound
device for Jaws there.


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