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sometimes it is possible to save the clip as an mp3 file . then I can
play it slower if it's too fast.

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When I have this problem, I record the audio numbers with a tape
recorder or digital recorder, then I can slow it down and replay as
often as necessary. This works for me.


On 5/21/2018 9:24 AM, Dan Longmore wrote:
 The only solution I have found is to replace several times the audio
file until I can catch the letters. Many times websites don’t even
have the audio file.

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Hello, When logging on to a web site there are times I’m asked to
enter special characters or type in what it says by a image. I’m
unable to tell what the characters or the image so I cannot log on
until someone with site tells me what to type in. Is there a way for
Jaws to tell me the characters? Even when there is audio, the words
spoke are stated so close together and very fast I can not enter
 those words.


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