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Hi dave,
yep thats what happens.
should be registered now.
The other 2 things I do are,
Open the sigate interface, go to start, programs & sigate
then go to the tools menu bar, then down to options,
A dialog box comes up, in here I change 2 things.
Under the Generel tab, I check, hide notification messeges, if you dont a booloon pops up from the system tray each time it blocks something & the jaws takes phocas away from what you are working on, & I found that anoying.
The other thing I do is, under the updates tab, I uncheck automaticly check for new versions.
There arnt any, so it just stops the window popping up on each start up.
If I can help in any other way let me know.

At 07:52 PM 12/23/2011, you wrote:
When I try to register, it says:
Error: Page Not Found - Symantec Corp.

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Hi Dave,
On my xp machine I use, Sigate personal firewall.
Sometime ago Sigate provided us with a free version & you could get it from the website, but since Semantec took over Sigate the link on the above site no longer works.
But you can still register the firewall for free & it works great on xp.
The only thing I dont like about it is, when it pops up & blocks something, there is no sound like a ding or dong to let you know it has popped up, so you need to alt tab around to it & tell it what to do.
But once you have set it up allowing things like email programs & browsers, anti virus programs & so on, it only pops up when its something new.
It will advise about incomming trafic aswell as out going, wich I think is great.
I have uploaded it to sendspace for you to download.
if you decide to use it let me know & I will type out the registration & set up steps if you need them.
Sendspace link below

At 11:35 PM 12/22/2011, you wrote:
Is there a good free, firewall for XP that's accessible with JFW 11? Something better than the Windows firewall.
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