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Robin Frost

Interestingly that it isn't working for you. Dovetailing on this a bit there's a radio button that isn't operational for me with any screen reader at the
site and I thought perhaps this method might work on it by chance but sadly it failed there too.
Oh well thanks for something to try anyway.

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Ok, well I actually went in and tried this, and I'm afraid it still doesn't work here. JAWS still reports it as unchecked.


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To select the tick box with JAWS, simply press the bypass key, JAWS key+3
then space bar. This will tick it.

All the best


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Yeah I've had this problem too, although its not a perfect solution the only
way round this I've found is to shut down jaws and open NVDA, using NVDA you
can then select the tick box , plus the drop down menu which asks for the
reason for the return then click the next/continue button, then when on the
next page you can shut down NVDA and open jaws and continue from there on
in with jaws. Like I said its not a perfect solution, but it gets the job
done none the less. Hope this helps


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Subject: Returning an Item on

I am using JAWS 18 and Windows 7. I am trying to return an item bought
through Amazon, and cannot seem to get past where it wants you to check the
box indicating the item I want to return. JAWS just keeps saying "Checkbox
not checked". Pressing the spacebar does not change what JAWS says.

I will probably end up calling Amazon accessibility, but was wondering if
anyone else has had luck returning an item recently. I tried both IE and


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