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Amazon doesn't even blink when you need to return anything.  I realize that their site is sometimes difficult when returning items as it isn't always as accessible as one would hope.  But even though I am an avid JAWS user, I have found that NVDA works better sometimes.

That being said, their customer service is really great in helping out folks and I have been using their help for many years.So if you can't use the website for some reason, just call. They are always ready to help and usually don't require you to do a thing.  Pretty easy all the way around.

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Hi all,

For whatever reason, I have been able to return items at times more easily than at other times. And although I prefer doing it myself, I have occasionally resorted to calling the Amazon accessibility phone number and they have been great about helping me. In fact, they did it all for me—even handled the label that you are supposed to attach to the package. Once I had a very large package and no way to take it to UPS, so they had them pick it up from my house, and brought the label for it.

Just putting in my 2 cents. Hope this helps.


Shirley Tracy

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log out of amazon first if you are useing the accessibility site. then go to and log into the normal site and try this.

many options do not work if you are logged into the accessibility site.

i had no problem returning my package 3 days ago.

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I guess must be different then because returning an item here is

perfectly accessible and it usually takes me all of a minute to do it once I

signed in and opened my order history.

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I've had the same experience noted by others. And I usually of late and up

doing as Alan does sadly because  with JFW 2018 and NVDA I was unable to get

through that return form in any Windows based browser I have here. Amazon has

made so many strides in terms of accessibility but this return form and the

issue of links even when verbalizing properly when interacted with when using

screen reader software don't seem to track properly as you often end up on

pages that weren't your intended destination linger sadly.

Here's hoping they'll be addressed one day.

Take good care.


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And you won't. I've been on them about this for last couple of years. You will

need to call the 800 # and they will assist you. Complain a lot, hopefully it

will help. Prior to a couple of years ago I completed the process



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I am using JAWS 18 and Windows 7.  I am trying to return an item bought through

Amazon, and cannot seem to get past where it wants you to check the box

indicating the item I want to return.  JAWS just keeps saying "Checkbox not

checked".  Pressing the spacebar does not change what JAWS says.

I will probably end up calling Amazon accessibility, but was wondering if

anyone else has had luck returning an item recently.  I tried both IE and



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