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When you open the Open File dialog, there are a lot of fields. I’m assuming you’re using the Default Documents folder to save and open documents.  Here are the ones that may be of most interest to you:


  • By default, focus is placed in the File Name field. If you know the name of the file you’d like to open, you can type it into this combo-edit field or use ALT-DOWN ARROW to expand the list and choose a file from your history.
    • If you type an exact name, press ENTER to open the file
    • If you navigate the field’s history of the combo-edit field, press ENTER to select a file, press ENTER again to open it
  • From within the File  Name field, Press SHIFT-TAB twice. This places focus in the folder/document list view. This is where  your documents and folders are browsed.  Navigate this list view with ALL FOUR ARROW KEYS, the first letter of an item or the first several letters. You can also take some actions in this list view:
    • Press ENTER on a document name to open the focused document
    • Press ENTER on a folder to display its contents
    • Press BACKSPACE to move to the parent folder
    • Rename a document - Press F2 to place a document or  folder name in edit mode. Type a new name and press ENTER
    • Press DELETE to delete an item
  • When focused on the “File Name” field, press TAB once to navigate to the “File Type” combo box. You can choose a file type to display in the list box
    • Make sure this field is configured for the file type you’d like to access.
    • If you want to display all documents, make sure it’s set to “All Word Documents”
    • If you don’t see a document type you’d like to open, check this field
  • Press CTRL-E to focus in the Instant Search field
    • Input text to search for a specific document in the focused folder
    • Return to the list view with TAB to review search results
    • Clear the search field by focusing in the field (CTRL-E) and tap ESCAPE


I hope this explanation helps.






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Subject: Word 2016 and opening files in a specific folder


Hi: When I open word 2016 and go to open, I'm having difficulty locating a folder to then locate a specific file in word. When I hit "folders" or documents" nothing happens. Any suggestions?

I'm using Windows 10 with Jaws 2018.


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