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I’m having an issue with turning on one click setting on my iOS device.  It simply will not check the box to enable it with Voiceover.




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I actually don't use NVDA much, its more just there as a backup in case jaws

doesn't work, so I'm not  up to date with the different  NVDA controls. But

using arrows /cursor keys the checkboxes on amazong are a little confusing.

What I do is go to the top of the page, then press the F key to cycle

through edit boxes and checkbox's etc., for some reason everything seems to

have two checkbox's, but its only one of them you need to actually

click/select. using the F key, when you reach the return options you'll hear

checkbox , with no other speech afterwards, ignore this checkbox. then press

F key again it will then read out your product  , it's a really long bit of

text  as it reads all its order numbers etc. here so it takes NVDA a while

to read it all, but there is actually a check box here , this is the one you

want to check, you can either wait until its finished speaking or just press

space bar, the first time you press space it says un checked, press it a

second time and then it will say checked, you can then tab to the drop down

box which lets you select reason for return, select that and then you should

be good to go. Sorry for the long email , hope this all makes sense and you

manage to get it all sorted.




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Thanks, Paul.  I tried NVDA, but it kept saying "checkbox" every time I

pressed an arrow key to navigate.  I did notice that there is a more recent

version of NVDA available than the one I have, so I will upgrade and try







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Yeah I've had this problem too, although its not a perfect solution the only

way round this I've found is to shut down jaws and open NVDA, using NVDA you

can then select the tick box , plus the drop down menu which asks for the

reason for the return then click the next/continue button, then when on the

next page you can shut down NVDA and open jaws and continue  from there on

in with jaws. Like I said its not a perfect solution, but it gets the job

done none the less. Hope this helps




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Subject: Returning an Item on


I am using JAWS 18 and Windows 7.  I am trying to return an item bought

through Amazon, and cannot seem to get past where it wants you to check the

box indicating the item I want to return.  JAWS just keeps saying "Checkbox

not checked".  Pressing the spacebar does not change what JAWS says.


I will probably end up calling Amazon accessibility, but was wondering if

anyone else has had luck returning an item recently.  I tried both IE and




















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