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Brian Buhrow

hello. I have returned items through Amazon using Safari with
VoiceOver under iOS. The steps I used were:

1. Log into amazon using your username and password.

2. Find the My Orders link and click on it.

3. Find the specific order for the item you're interested in returning.
Assuming the time period for returns hasn't passed, there should be a
link that says, Return this Item.

4. Fill out the return form that comes up. I personally hate writing in
the text area of the Safari window, so what I do is compose a message,
e-mail it to myself, pick it up on my phone, using the native iOS mail
program, and copy the text of the message into the clipboard. I find
placing my VoiceOver cursor at the beginning of the body of the e-mail
message, then selecting "select by lines" from the text selection rotor
item, gives me the most efficient control and reliable way to capture the
text from my e-mail message.
Then, on the return form, I paste the text I copied from my e-mail message
into the box that asks for an explanation as to why I want to return the

5. Once the form is submitted, subsequent notifications and instructions
come via e-mail. Sometimes they include links to pages where you can print
return labels. All of those should be pretty accessible.

Since I didn't see exactly where you were having trouble, I hope this
explanation is helpful and relevant for you.

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