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There is something called tShark. This will give you information in textual
format. Thanks.

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Hi Nino, I haven't used wire shark for quite a few years. What I did find
is that the information was displayed in two windows. You would locate an
information line with the pc cursor and then you would have to use the jaws
cursor to read the bottom pain that held all the related information. Not
very practical. I found by exporting the information it was very readable
only there was so much information it again was not very practical.

Its colour scheme was all grey and you had to do custom colours for
everything including menus. It can be used in a pinch but really not very
useful on an ongoing basis.

I don't know whether it has changed much since I had to use it. I don't
know of any other tools like that.


Tom Bisset

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Subject: Wire shark

Good morming"

Happy mothers day to all those moms.

I was wondering if anybody new if Jaws works with wireshark, if not what
could be used in its place.

Thank you.

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