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Thanks Dave,

I checked with Freedom Scientific and here's what I found out. Because I
received my computer from the Veterans Administration it was handled a
little differently. It went from Dell computers to a company called Evas in
Rhode island where JAWS 12 and other software was installed. The story I
heard was they upgraded from version 8 to 12 at Evas. And I have no SMA with
Freedom because I got my computer from the VA. So the short of it sometime
in the new year the VA is going to buy me JAWS 13.

Thanks for the help.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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Call FS. I had the same problem several months ago and the solution involved
reactivating a prior version of JAWS first. They can help you right away.

Dave Carlson
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Hi everyone,

I have just installed JAWS 13 but I am having a bit of a problem. JAWS 13
says "Your current authorization is for an earlier version of this Freedom
Scientific product". If I continue and do the whole internet registration
activation it says the activation was successful and JAWS needs to restart
but when I restart JAWS it just continues saying the same thing. I thought
when you installed the new version of JAWS that it would just use the
registration code of JAWS 12? Anybody have any ideas?


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