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Alternatively  you can keep your Inbox clean by moving messages you have dealt with but want to keep into other folders, those which are not important get deleted and only those you still want to reply to or need for something else in the short term stay in the Inbox. I think that is what an “Inbox” is supposed to be, a temporary place to keep incoming emails until you no longer need them or file them I n their proper place. After all, you don’t throw all your paper mail into a big box and leave it there.





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Hi, Nino. If I have an email which I know I will want to act on in the future, and know it may be difficult to find, here’s what I do. I use F12 to save the email as a file. Once it saves, the name resembles the subject line, and it is usually saved as a file in Documents with an .msg extension. If you click on the file, it opens outlook, and you are in the body of the email you saved. You can do all the things you can normally do with an email, including, reply, forward, etc.


Bill White



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I was wondering if anybody new how to move the posission of an email that is quite far down on the lists of emails in the inbox.


Is there a way to move that message further up in the list of emails?


I hope I explained it properly.



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