moderated Re: Where can I learn about formulas for Excel?


If you are trying to find the numeric day of the week for any date, there are Excel functions that will do this for you.

Key the following into a cell excluding the square brakets [] [=WEEKDAY(DATE(2018,5,14))] or if you have a properly formatted date in a cell, let's say "A1", then key [=Weekday(A1)].

The result will be a numeral from 1 to 7, where 1=Sunday and 7=Saturday.  This is not what most folk desire, so if you would like the week to start on Monday=1 and end on Sunday=7, key the following formula
[=Mod(WEEKDAY(DATE(2018,5,14))+1,7)] or

By adding 1 and using the MOD function with a devisor of 7, the MOD function results in the remainder of the first argument divided by the second argument (7).

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