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While that may well be one situation, in my case it was an XP Pro machine
with JAWS 9 and 11 installed. Installing JAWS 12 resulted in the same
problem as experienced by Dondi. However the remedy was not to continue to
burn off keys, as it didn't matter. I recall that JAWS 12 responded with
already being activated, but on a subsequent reboot, the same problem arose.

FS support came up with the remedy that involved either my JAWS 9 or JAWS
11, but not sure which. Once I did that, the problem never came back, even
when I later installed JAWS 13.

So again in my case it was an XP machine and not Windows 7.

I think that Donny Harris' suggestion for a manual activation may be similar
to what I needed to do, but not sure -- henceforth my suggestion for Dondi
to refer to FS support for help.

Dave Carlson
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Hello there;

As I mentioned in a message quite a while back,
If you've gone to fs,
And you've verified that you have keys available,
Perhaps if your using windows 7,
The uac, "user account control" is stopping/blocking
The activation process.
I've experienced this behavior with a couple of my clients computers.
So, I turned off the UAC,
Went through the activation process,
And everything worked well,
Then I went back and turned on the UAC.

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Which version? The version on the disk preceded the fix, which, I believe,
came in the November maintenance release. I worked a tandem with FS back on
November 8 to get mine in.

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Hi everyone,

I have just installed JAWS 13 but I am having a bit of a problem. JAWS
says "Your current authorization is for an earlier version of this Freedom
Scientific product". If I continue and do the whole internet registration
activation it says the activation was successful and JAWS needs to restart
but when I restart JAWS it just continues saying the same thing. I thought
when you installed the new version of JAWS that it would just use the
registration code of JAWS 12? Anybody have any ideas?


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