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inamuddin khan

Suppose, you don’t have anything computer, cell phone or any kind of calendar, are you not able to tell the day of the week of any date?

Let me tell you how you can do it!

Suppose your date is 12/25/2018.


Take 17 that is 17 years of 21st century.


Take 4 meaning that from year 1 to year 17, there  are 4 leap years.


Take 3 from the months which have 31 days, 2 from the months which have 30 days and take 1 from the month which have 29 days.


From that calculations, there are 6 months having 31 days meaning 18 days, 4 months having 30 days meaning 8 days and take 25 days from December.


Now final calculation is:

17+4+18+8+25=72 divided by 7=10 remaining 2.


Now you can count them as, Sunday 0 Monday 1 and Tuesday 2.

So December 25 2018 will be Tuesday!

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Actually, if you want to know what day a particular date is, just type the date in a cell, e.g. in A1 type 12/24/2018, then press Control+1 to format the cell and select the date format, then from the available options select the one that has the weekday included (for me it’s the second from the top).

If, for example, I enter 12/25/2018 into A1 and then apply that format, it will read “Tuesday, December 25, 2018” so I now know that Christmas day this year is on a Tuesday.

Now, if I want to know how many days it is until Christmas from today (May 11), I type 5/11/2018 into cell A2, then in cell A3 I subtract the larger date (Christmas) from the smaller date (today), so I put =A1-A2 and the result in this case will be 228 which is the correct number of days from May 11 until December 25.


the day


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Following is a formula to calculate the day of the week  from an input date.

In the first cell, in this case A4, type in 3/12/1988 and the cell with the formula will display the week day. 




Depending on where you live and the date format, you may need to change the formula a little.  This formula  works on 3 December 1988 and not December 12 format.  But then it may not need to be altered at all.  You’ll just need to experiment.









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I’m looking for a source to learn about the different formulas for Excel.  I purchased the book that CathyAnne Murtha wrote, but it doesn’t contain all the formulas that I’m looking for.  Essentially, I’d like a kind of Excel for Dummies where all the formulas are listed and how they work.  As an example, I’d like to know how to have Excel tell me the day of the week a date will be.  Also, I’d like to know how many days are between dates.  I looked through the book I got from Ms. Murtha, but it doesn’t list all the formulas.


Thanks for any help.  Dates aren’t the only thing I’m looking for.  I know Excel is a very powerful program, and I’d like to learn how to use it to its fullest potential.


Thanks for any info.


Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.

Kevin Minor and the amazing Jilly, Lexington, KY


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