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Christopher Zeigler

Hello have you tried doing a Jaws repair download the latest version of Jaws from the Freedom Scientific website and try completely removing jaws and then reinstall it to see if it'll fix the issue another thing you can try when you get the file downloaded is go to the Run box and paste the file name and pass into the box then put a space then F through the name of the file put slush then type without a space type colon space repair return with control shift enter Jose should say Jose repair press enter to continue you may have to agree to the license agreement but that should work or uninstalling it like I mentioned before.

On Sat, May 12, 2018, 11:59 AM Mario <mrb620@...> wrote:
George, control+windows+enter toggles Narrator on and off. hth a bit.

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Subject: Start JAWS System Error OK Button

OK!  As, indicated in the Subject Line I am receiving a "Start JAWS
System Error OK Button" after I updated my JAWS to whatever this
latest JAWS version last night.

I am also using Win10.1709.NNNN on a 64 bit laptop.

I have started Narrator (which I really have no idea how to use;
including how to turn it off and how to actually read a screen...all I
get when pressing the arrow keys are their names...I seem to be in
some kind of table view that I have to tab around) and have been able
to locate my original JAWS 2018 exe file and have enter on it.  I then
get the now famous System Error OK buttn message and when I hit enter
my laptop then goes to the User message, so I check the agree message
and then hit enter on the Yes button.  The JAWS install program starts
and then hangs up.  I am thinking that it tried to tell me to turn off
all programs, but it jumps to the OK button, which I then cannot find.

I have also found and attempted this with an old JAWS 18 exe file that
I found.  Same thing.

Any advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciatd.


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