moderated Re: Start JAWS System Error OK Button


George, control+windows+enter toggles Narrator on and off. hth a bit.

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From: George Gray []
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2018 11:16 AM EST
Subject: Start JAWS System Error OK Button

OK! As, indicated in the Subject Line I am receiving a "Start JAWS
System Error OK Button" after I updated my JAWS to whatever this
latest JAWS version last night.

I am also using Win10.1709.NNNN on a 64 bit laptop.

I have started Narrator (which I really have no idea how to use;
including how to turn it off and how to actually read a screen...all I
get when pressing the arrow keys are their names...I seem to be in
some kind of table view that I have to tab around) and have been able
to locate my original JAWS 2018 exe file and have enter on it. I then
get the now famous System Error OK buttn message and when I hit enter
my laptop then goes to the User message, so I check the agree message
and then hit enter on the Yes button. The JAWS install program starts
and then hangs up. I am thinking that it tried to tell me to turn off
all programs, but it jumps to the OK button, which I then cannot find.

I have also found and attempted this with an old JAWS 18 exe file that
I found. Same thing.

Any advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciatd.


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