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Dan Longmore

In addition to others suggestions make sure that “Reading Pane” is not checked under the “View” setting on your Word ribbon.




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From: Marie
I have a rather strange problem with Word 2016 but I had the same problem with 2010.  I'm running Win 10 1803 with J2018 latest, but get the same result using NVDA as well.  When I am in a document and am arrowing down it will skip pages. It will go from page one to page three, then page five, etc. It does not do this when doing a say all or if I am arrowing right or reading word by word with the insert + right arrow. This only happens on my desktop and not the laptop so I am pretty sure it is some odd setting that I have accidently made. But I have gone over and over the options and can not figure out what setting is causing this.
Before installing 2016, I uninstalled 2010 thinking the problem would not persist but I was wrong. Does anyone have an idea what setting is causing this & how I can fix it?  Thank you all very much.

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