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I found this website to be an excellent resource.


You can search for formulas and review specifics for formulas and how they are used.






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Subject: Where can I learn about formulas for Excel?




I’m looking for a source to learn about the different formulas for Excel.  I purchased the book that CathyAnne Murtha wrote, but it doesn’t contain all the formulas that I’m looking for.  Essentially, I’d like a kind of Excel for Dummies where all the formulas are listed and how they work.  As an example, I’d like to know how to have Excel tell me the day of the week a date will be.  Also, I’d like to know how many days are between dates.  I looked through the book I got from Ms. Murtha, but it doesn’t list all the formulas.


Thanks for any help.  Dates aren’t the only thing I’m looking for.  I know Excel is a very powerful program, and I’d like to learn how to use it to its fullest potential.


Thanks for any info.


Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.

Kevin Minor and the amazing Jilly, Lexington, KY

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