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The Download Manager of internet Explorer is pretty simple.


You can open it at any time from within internet Explorer with CTRL-J.


Once focused in the download manager focus is on the download list


  • Navigate among downloads with UP and DOWN ARROW
  • Once focused on a download, open the Windows Application Menu (WINDOWS APPLICATION KEY or SHIFT-F10)
  • Within the Windows Application Menu are options to manage the download:
    • Delete File
    • Copy Download Link
    • Go to Download Webpage
    • Open Containing Folder
    • Report that this file is unsafe
    • Rerun security checks on this file
    • There may be additional options available depending upon the type of download


To open a document:

  • Activate the “Open Containing Folder” option
  • File Explorer opens with focus on the document
  • Press ENTER to open the document in its associated application


You can also press RIGHT ARROW until focus is on the “Open” button and press ENTER to open the document.


The dialog has a search field:

  • Press CTRL-E at any time to focus in the search field
  • Type a text string
  • The download list refreshes to show only documents that match the search term


To clear the search:

  • Focus in the search field (CTRL-E)
  • Tap ESCAPE to clear the contents


You can clear the download list by activating the “Clear List” button of the dialog.  This clears the list but doesn’t delete the downloaded documents. They are still in your downloads folder.


Close the Download manager with ESCAPE


I hope this  basic explanation helps.






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Lately, I have had several instances where I get an email receipt of an purchase made for an audio book or PDF book.  The email contains a link that, when clicked, seems to open a the download manager tool in Internet Explorer.  I have now also failed in understanding how to navigate this so that I can download my file.  I am quite comfortable downloading a file directly from a webpage, but this acts different and I have maxed out my downloads in a couple instances. 


Can some kind person explain the concept here?  Obviously clicking on the link triggers the website to think that I have downloaded it, as it’s counting my failed attempts, but it’s not automatically downloading into my downloads folder, so I must be missing steps.  All I know is that I can hit Control J from within IE to open a viewer of some sort, but I’m struggling from there. 




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