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CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

I found that resetting the measurements in the JAWS Quick Settings helped nudge JAWS to read the measurement correctly.


  • Focus in Microsoft Word
  • Open the JAWS for Windows Quick Settings (JAWS KEY-V)
  • In the search field, input “Measurement”
  • Navigate to “Measurement Units” in the search results
  • Rotor to another option with SPACEBAR and save the settings


Return to the quick Settings and repeat the steps but switch it back to “Inches (Default)”


Once I saved the changes the second time, I was able to get inches echoed as I expected.






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Hi -
I get different responses when pressing Alt plus Delete in Word 2016. Sometimes I get the cursor position in inches from the left and top of the page. Sometimes I get two numbers I have no idea of their reference (i.e. 392 587). This happens without having changed any settings in Word. I am never sure of whether I will get the info I want )position in inches) or the useless pair of numbers that tell me nothing about where I am on a page. I don't think that the fix is in the settings. I could be wrong, but ....
Ed Culpepper

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