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HH. Smith Jr.

Hi guys,

Yes, you are all correct; however, if you want to make global changes such
as, adding a heading, footnote, format change to all your worksheets by
changing one sheet in the workbook is the concept I am talking about. I have
no issues with linking a cell reference from one sheet to another. It is the
global changes. If you Google, "grouping excel worksheets," you will see
exactly what I am concern about. sorry for the mix-up in communication.

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Yes, if a value referenced in a formula is moved to another cell, then the
formula is automatically updated to the new location.
One note, when moving the value, use cut and paste, or it will not work.


On May 10, 2018, at 10:30 AM, Mario <> wrote:

when using formulas as talked about here, can the following still be used:

meaning the linking to the value in d4 will still be referenced even if
the value has moved to d9 or e5?

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Hello. The correct term is Linking.
I have a budget workbook with an income worksheet, a cash flow worksheet
and an allocated spending plan worksheet.
When my income changes in my income worksheet, it changes on my cash
flow plan and allocated spending plan worksheet.
Here is how it works.
Cell B7 on my income worksheet contains my income.
I need my income to be in cell c46 of my cash flow worksheet so I enter
the formula =income!b7 in cell c46.
I also need my income to be in cell d3 of myallocated spending plan
worksheet so I enter the formula =income!b7 in cell d3.
I hope that this helps.

On May 9, 2018, at 8:14 PM, HH. Smith Jr. <> wrote:


What I mean is, when you make a change to one worksheet it affects all the
worksheets in the given work sheet group or grouping sheets to make global
changes in the workbook.

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I'm not sure what you mean by grouping worksheets. Yu can rename and
reorder than using alt+h, then o, then r to rename and alt+h, then o, then
to move them.
At 06:40 PM 5/9/2018, you wrote:
Hello fellow listerrs,

Does anyone has an easier way to group work sheets. I'm trying to
make monthly workbook and I want to group all the months. Any help


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