moderated MS Word (Office 365), Jaws 18 and comments

Carina Venter

Dear list

 I need to mark a truck-load of student essays, for
which I rely on track changes and comments in MS Word (the Office app,
ran from my desktop). Jaws frequently (and randomly) loses focus once
I'm in the comment pane (alt+control+m to insert a comment). Using f6
to cycle back to the body text or escape aren't working with anything
like regularity. The only way to return focus to the text is to close
and open the actual document, yielding a ridiculously time-consuming
process. From what Jaws announces when there is a loss of focus, I
get the impression that it switches (unprompted) from print view to
web view. Opening the view menu and returning to print view resolves
the problem momentarily, but again Jaws somehow returns to web view. I
don't know whether this issue is what frustrates the 'comments'
functionality.Can anyone assist, please?

Bordering on severe desperation!

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