moderated Firefox 60 is out


Somewhat surprised this hasn’t’ hit the list yet, but anyway… Firefox 60 is finally out. Both regular and ESr.

So far with the latest Jaws, it seems to be working ok for me. Using the ESR version in my case.

One frustrating thing though, my homepage which is the all posts page of The Old Reader ( is acting kind of funky.

My list of RSS subs isn’t showing up. Nor are the title subscriptions for each post. Since this is my home page and I refer to it all the time to check the news throughout the day, it may be disruptive enough for me at least that I may go back to the ESR 52.X for now. By any chance is anyone else who is a user of The Old Reader dealing with this particular issue?

Otherwise, no other problems that I’ve come across yet. I am noticing that I need to screen refresh and or tab a lot more to get JFW to react or speak, but I think I started to notice that even in the V 52.0.8 or whatever the last version of ESR before V 60.

Anyway, for those who’ve been itching to give Firefox 60 a spin, knock yourselves out.




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