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Milton Ota <mota1252@...>

The Focus 40 Blu current model is referred as the 5th Generation and is a little skinnier than the 4th Generation. The 5th Generation is designed to dock to the El Braille.

The 4th Generation model has rocker switches at each end of the braille display and currently runs firmware 5.71.

the previous model of the Focus has the wizwheel at each end of the braille display.

All models are blutooth compatible. I'm not sure what the current firmware is on the model with the wizwhells.

All models work with JAWS.

If you have further questions please contact off list.
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A friend is wanting to sale me his Focus 40 braill display but he doesn”t remember its model. I have the serial number but I don’t know how to check the model to be able to negotiate the price. Is there a way to check the display model by the serial number?
Negoslav Sabev

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