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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, John. Exactly what does the command ALT plus Delete do in Word 2016? Even when I am not in Office, the command ALT plus DELETE gives the screen X,Y coordinants in pixels. I will use the Recycle bin as a reference, and show what the command gives.


PC Cursor active
9, 67


Perhaps Word 2016 is not giving you the screen position in inches because Word is not set to TAB by number of inches. Have you checked to see if Word 2016 is set to measure tabs in number of inches?


This is located in Options|Advanced. I don’t know what the setting in Word 2016 is labelled, but in Word 2010 it is labelled as follows:


Show measurements in units of: Combo box


By default, Word 2010 is set to inches. Perhaps your copy of Word is set to show in CM (centimeters).


Bill White



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Subject: Word 2016 and the PC cursor


                Hello: I am using Jaws 2018 with windows 10. I just started using word 2016. In word 2007, to find out where I was on a line I used alt+delete to read the following by example: "PC cursor active 1 inch from left 6.5 inches from top, Page 5." In word 2016, that doesn't work. Jaws help says to use insert+delete, however, that just gives me the column number and line but doesn't differentiate between whether I am   one inch from the left or 2.5 inches from left.

Is there a key command for this?

Thank you.

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