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Adrian Spratt

Webvisum is working for me with FF8, the current version. However, I found I
had to re-enable it. Go to tools with alt-t, then o for options. You should
land on "general." If not, arrow up or down until you do.

Then shift-tab a few times until you land on the add-ons button. After this,
you may need to do some tabbing, some reading with the JAWS cursor and some
arrowing up and down. What you're looking for is extensions. When you do,
tab to a list of programs that Firefox calls extensions. Arrow down to
Webvisum, then tab. You should land on a button saying something to the
effect, "Enable Webvisum." Press the spacebar, then follow the prompt to
reboot Firefox.

Let us know if this works.

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Dear list members,
As the subject line goes, I would like to know how to make webvisum work
with my fire fox. Earlier it used to, when I was using V3.5, then I updated
it to FF 6 then Webvisum didn't work.
To make it work for me, I again downgraded to V3.5 but still Webvisum is not
Nothing is happening on pressing Control + F2, whereas, on opening FF tools
menu, I can find Webvisum submenu where I can find preference submenu, where
I get the option to log in but after filling the login details, nothing
happens. And I am not logged in to webvisum.
I am using JAWS 11.
Please help ASAP, as I have to do some capcha solving task.
I will be greatly thankful to all of you.

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