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if you mean distortion i had to go into the sound card settings with all versions of windows and turn off all sound enhancements. then my distortion stopped. but once you use the graphic equalizer for music the enhancements would turn back on. so i have the choice of clear synthisizer sound or good bass for music. but not both.

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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2018 9:03 AM
Subject: Static problem continues

Hello, I’m still having the static problem. The place I got the laptop had it for a while and were tolc by a organization that works with BVI individuals when it comes to computers. They suggested the Jaws and Openbook be uninstalled and reinstalled. Well the PC shop updated Windows 10 and the static still existed. They then reinstalled Jaws2018 and Openbook and the static still occurs. I’m not sure if they uninstalled and then reinstalled or just reinstalled. Either way it still has static. They felt it was a problem with Jaws2018 and Narrator. They are now going to setup a different laptop with windows7. Talk about going backwards. Does anyone use an Acer laptop with Windows 10, Jaws2018 and Openbook? If so is the laptop using a Real tech sound card Hd audio sst? Is there static?

Cheers, Kevin

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