moderated Jaws recently crashing with Chicken Nugget


Hello list,

So recently, I’ve been encountering an issue with the Chicken Nugget twitter client (portable version) and Jaws. Starting on Friday, as I’m down arrowing through the timeline of tweets, Jaws will just crash on me. Sometimes, I can bring Jaws back with the insert plus alt plus W command, but often, I have to resort to launching NVDA and killing the lingering Jaws processes in the task manager to then be able to bring Jaws back.

As mentioned above, this is with the portable Chicken Nugget installer that I’ve been already running for a while. My Jaws is current and while this random crashing hadn’t occurred with earlier versions of Jaws, this issue only started popping up last week. I’ve been running the latest JFW update shortly after it was put out in the middle of April.

I reached out to the CN dev (Accessible Apps) and he confirmed what I figured, that there was nothing on the app’s end that has changed to suddenly caused this.

Are any other Jaws users dealing with anything similar when in CN?




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