Webvisum with Firefox

Swati Sinha

Dear list members,
As the subject line goes, I would like to know how to make webvisum work with my fire fox. Earlier it used to, when I was using V3.5, then I updated it to FF 6 then Webvisum didn't work.
To make it work for me, I again downgraded to V3.5 but still Webvisum is not working.
Nothing is happening on pressing Control + F2, whereas, on opening FF tools menu, I can find Webvisum submenu where I can find preference submenu, where I get the option to log in but after filling the login details, nothing happens. And I am not logged in to webvisum.
I am using JAWS 11.
Please help ASAP, as I have to do some capcha solving task.
I will be greatly thankful to all of you.

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