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David Moore

It sure does.

You can find it as an extension, but I can’t remember what it is called!

I will have to get on my computer that has Chrome, and tell you later.

David Moore

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Does Chrome have an accessible RSS Feed reader like IE 11?






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This may sound snarky, but I promise it's not meant that way. Chrome is

just another browser. It does what they all do,  more or less, depending

on what you want out of a browser. Web pages are navigated in much the

same way as is done in IE or Firefox. You can view browsing and

downloads histories, set and edit bookmarks, decide what external

programs will be opened when certain filetypes are downloaded, etc.,

etc. If there are any specific access keys related to Chrome when used

with JAWS, they can probably be found by looking in the index of help

for the fversion of JAWS being used. I just happen to have 18 running,

and when I looked in said help index, I found a casual mention of

Chrome, which to me indicates there's nothing special about the way it

and JAWS work together.



On 5/6/2018 5:05 AM, Rahul Bajaj wrote:

> Hi Everyone,

> I am using JAWS 16 on a Windiws 10 machine. Can someone point me to

> resources that can help me learn how to use Chrime with JAWS? Any

> useful podcast?

> Best,

> Rahul







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