Moderated Chrome closing

Anna Givens

I have a question that I'm really hoping you could shed some light on. I need to use Chrome browser but almost everytime I try to use it with JAWS, it will just close itself after either a few seconds or a few minutes. It is not always on the same site or link or whatever that it closes itself on either. Usually it closes when I click on something. But it's not consistent. Like it might close when I click on a "login" link but then when I reopen Chrome and go back to the site and click on the login link again, it may close again OR it may let me keep going, and login, but then it will close a couple minutes later when I click on some other link. (That's just a random example.) it doesn't do this when I'm not using JAWS. I have no other computer with JAWS to use here to finish up what I need to do for the semester online and don't have a lot of time to spend trying to fix this issue because I have to get my work done, but then I can't really get anything done if it keeps closing on me all the time. I do need to use Chrome for what I'm doing and just hoping you may have some ideas? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you so much. 

Anna E Givens

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