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Thanks.  All this reminds me of when I was getting basic computer tutoring long before I got JAWS.  The instructor was blind his driver was not.  I had my monitor turned off and she came and thought my monitor was broke, and brought it to my attention. This feature is very important.  When I was younger and using a CCTV, family members would stand about 5 or more feet behind me and read what I had up on the screen which usually was private information. Subsequently the ability to turn off the screen from curious people is in some ways mandatory. In truth, some of us don’t need a screen anyway because we can’t see it.     


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Exactly, and for those who work with desktop computers turning off the screen certainly is an option, but using Screen Shade which, by the way, is the name of the feature (screen curtain is what Apple calls it) is much easier.

Also, David, as you found out the trick is not to press Jaws Key+F11 even if you somehow simultaneously press the spacebar as well but to press Jaws Key+Spacebar first and then follow with the other key, F11 in this case (Printscreen also works). This is called a “layered keystroke” in Jaws and there are a bunch of these which are very useful, here just a few:


Jaws Key+Spacebar followed by:

A = text analyser

C = clipboard text viewer.

H = Jaws speech history (super useful)

J = Search for Jaws commands

L = Lock the keyboard

O = Jaws OCR, you need to follow the ‘O” with other letters like “s” for OCR current screen, “w” OCR current Windows etc.

R = Research It

S = Speech on demand/Mute

Z = Default user mode (this uses only Jaws default settings)


Most of these keystrokes are toggles, e.g. Jaws Key+Spacebar and L will lock the keyboard, pressing the same key  combination again will unlock it.





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Hi, Dave. Closing the lid of the laptop won’t work if you’re using the laptop keyboard to work. This curtain is to prevent others from seeing what you’re working on. Also, my Del laptop’s onboard screen cannot be turned off, and lowering the brightness doesn’t dim it sufficiently for no one to see it.



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Thanks.  The trick, I found is, not to press all 3 simultaneously.  One presses insert space, then F 11.  Doing that, worked and I was able to turn the screen on or off. Mind you, just turning off the monitor would work or closing the lid of the lap top.   


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Hi, David. You must have Windows 10 in order for this to work. The Keystrokes are:


JAWS key plus Space, then F11. Not F11 by itself.



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Just for a laugh, I tried those instructions.  It did not work.  What was brought up was the system tray.  Yes, it was a desktop layout and was JAWS 2018.  I tried both insert space or insert F 11.  Neither worked. 


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If you are using desktop layout:

Insert + Spacebar (insert on the numeric keypad is the Jaws key when the numlock key is turned off)

Then F11

This will turn the screen curtain on if it is off and off if it is on.

Hope that helps.




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I would like to know, how to turn on or off the screen curtain in jaws 2018.

Second, I would like to know how to turn on and off the one handed mode on focus 40 v5


Afik Suffir



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