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Glad to hear it was a non-issue for  you. 


I do use the Task List in Outlook.  It’s not my primary task list, but I do like it, especially for things that I need to do a week or further out.   The primary way I use it is to go to the list with Control 4.  Recall that I’m still in Outlook 2010, so I’m not sure if it will look different for you.  When you open the task list, focus is at the top of the list on a  line that I believe allows sighted users to click to open a new task. Using my arrow keys, I go through my task list to hear what I have to do.  There are lots of visual ways that sighted users can flag tasks and categorize them.  I supposed this works if JAWS will read the flags, but it’s too cumbersome for me, so I just simply go by name of the task and due date.  At least in my case, they are ordered from top to bottom starting with the most recent due date.  I have a few items with no due date and those are at the very top. 


To create a new one, hit alt N and a window will open up. Focus is in the place to name the task.  From here, the only things I add is a start date. Outlook will default the due date to the start date you entered. You can change it if you want.  I also have mine to set a reminder by default.  I think you can set this default option in the Outlook options.  You can also change it by tabbing through the fields.   When a task is due, I get a pop-up in the same window as any meeting alarms.  To clear a task, just hit delete on it in the task list.  The one caveat is if have something on your task list that is related to an email or meeting you have flagged for follow-up.  For example, if I send an email to someone and I want to be sure I get a reply by a certain date, I will go into my sent mail folder and highlight the message. On the context menu, I select the follow-up option, then either pick one of the options or hit custom to set a specific date.  This leaves the message in my Sent mail folder, but also adds it to my Task list.  When you want to delete the task, hitting delete in the task list will delete the task and the message. You’ll get a warning, so don’t panic.  Instead, what you want to do is to highlight the task and select the option to remove the follow-up flag from the context menu. I think it’s the last option on the context menu, so I will hit the application key, then arrow up once to hear “Remove” and hit enter. 


Is there something else specific you are having challenges with in Tasks that I may be able to address specifically?   In essence for me, I do get alarms, but I also go into my task list on a regular basis and just scroll through the list to refresh my mind of what’s on it.


I’m getting better as using the calendar by tabbing.  Not sur how helpful I can be there, but happy to help if I can.   I do also have my work email linked to my iPhone and can review my calendar and task list from the phone, which is nice.  I prefer how the phone can give me a simply list of my appointments in a list format so I don’t’ have to go day by day in Outlook.  Window Eyes had a function to do this in Outlook, but it doesn’t seem JAWS does, so I think I’ll be relying on my phone when I’m trying to get an overall feel for my work week.  I do also use the search function in the calendar to find certain events, such as when I cannot recall when my dentist appointment is.  Outlook will pull up the search results in a list format, so I can figure out the date and open the appointment, if needed.














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My company switched about a year ago and I have seen no changes except good ones.  I have had no issues with the change.  Actually I didn’t even notice it for a while.  So, you’re a heavy Outlook user?  Got any tips for the calendar and tasks?  I fuss with the calendar constantly and want to use outlook for tasks and to stay more organized but find it VERY difficult. 




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My company is going to be upgrading from Office 2010 to Office 365.  For those who have made that jump, how different of an experience is Office 365?  I am a heavy user of Outlook, Excel and Word and an occasional user of PowerPoint.



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