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Dave Durber

Hello Nino:
In respect to the SD card you wish to repartition:
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Press the DOWN ARROW, until the SD card is highlighted.
3, Press ALT+ENTER, to open the properties for the SD card.
4. Route the JAWS Cursor to the PC cursor.
5. Use the NUM PAD DOWN ARROW, until JAWS says, "Capacity", followed by a long string of numbers, which is the total number of bytes for the card,followed by the total capacity in GB. Make a note of the total number of bytes, as this will be important when allocating the amount of space for the new or resized partition.
6. Press ALT+F4, to Close Windows Explorer.
7. in the Aomi partitioning software, , check to see if it has a function for increasing or decreasing the size of partitions. It might be better using that function, rather than deleting the existing partition and creating a new partition.
8. If it has such a function, check the edit fields. If one of the edit fields says something like, "Enter the maximum number of bytes for the resized partition:, devide the total number of bytes by 2, and enter the result in the edit field.
9. Follow the programs instructions to perform the action to reduce the size of the partition.
Note: Whether you delete the existing partition and create a new partition or, whether you resize the existing partition, bear in mind , your HIMS device may not recognize the 32 gb partition, This may be due to the HIMS software reading the total size of the SD card, in this case, 64 GB, and determining that it cannot access a partition or partitions on the SD card, even though a partition or partitions are of a size, which it could access, if the SD card was a 32 GB SD card. In my opinion, save yourself the bother, trouble and hassle, buy  a 32 GB SD card. Of course, in the short term, doing so, will cause some pain, aghony  and misery to the bank balance but,in the long-term, you will perminently have an SD card, which is the right capacity for your HIMS device, plus you will have access to the full 64 GB capacity of the 64 GB SD card.
Dave Durber

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Hi Dave:


I will take your advice.


You can believe this or not but, I am trying to repartition an sd card.


I have a 64 gig sd card my booksence will not recognize it and I don’t have any other cards I don’t to waste the card so I am going to delete the partition on the sd card and set up a partion of 32 gig on the card.


I will take your advice it sounds good.


Thanks a lot have a good day.




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Hello Nino:


Is the drive you are wishing to perform partition activities, an internal drive?


Do you have more than the system drive and this particular drive connected to the computer as internal drives?


If So, power off the computer, disconnect all internal drives, except for the system drive and the particular drive on which you wish to perform the partition activities, likewise, disconnect any external drives as well. By doing this, you will minimize accidentally doing something to another drive which you did not intend to do.


I stupidly did not do this, and instantly regreted not doing so, when I accidentally started an erase function on a drive, only to find to my horror, I had started erasing a drive, which I did not wish, nor wanted to be erased. Fortunately, I quickly realized my ghastly mistake, and was able to stop the erase function. I sent the drive to a company which specializes in data recovery. Fortunately for me, they recovered virtually the entire data on the drive, in  its original organized layout. These companies are sometimes able to recover data from drives, even if the partition has become corrupted in some way.






Dave Durber


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Subject: Aomi partitioning tool


Good morning:


Using Jaws and aomin  partitioning tool the menues are accessibil, but you have to use the jaws curser a lot to get around.


How can you tell when something is highlited in Jaws.


I could not tell if the drive was highlighted I did not want to partition the rong drive.


Thank you.



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