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In response to one posting recommending upgrading to JAWS 13 I would caution
that the convenient OCR feature in JAWS 13 is not a full-blown document OCR
program for converting multiple pages -- it's good for a single page to
understand what's there, but that's about it.

Better to stick to the JAWS 12 and if available spend money on a standalone
OCR program like OmniPage, Openbook, or Kurzweil.

Dave Carlson
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I have a student who's attempting to open PDF documents found through
EBSCOhost to read using Adobe Reader 10.1. When the article is opened;
however, JAWS cannot read anything. We were able to read the document with
Read Out Loud. Is there a setting that needs to be changed to allow JAWS to
read the document? Your assistance is greatly appreciated concerning this


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