moderated Re: Entering a formula in Excel with JAWS 2018


just a shot in the dark, but did you try after maximizing the windows
with alt+spacebar x?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 6:05 PM EST
Subject: Entering a formula in Excel with JAWS 2018

In JAWS 18 when I press '=' to begin a formula, JAWS says"Type in the
formula and press enter".  In JAWS 2018 when I press "=", the '+'
appears to be accepted, but JAWS doesn't say anything.  at all.
Pressing "=" a second time causes an error in the formula.  The "="
keystroke is accepted by Excel, but JAWS says nothing.  Is there a
setting I need to change in order to get the information spoken???



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