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Van Lant, Robin


I may try this.  Bill’s information was useful, but I need a few options to play with.  The main program I’m battling with is the instant messaging client our company uses.  It’s produced by Cisco Systems and neither  Window Eyes nor JAWS can read it well.  I believe it’s based on Java.  With Window Eyes, I found that I could put my mouse pointer in the top left corner, then move the pointer down slightly to get Window Eyes to voice the name of the person contacting me and or their status.  There was no way to get this voiced except with the Mouse pointer.  Then, if I used another key to put my mouse in the bottom right or left corner, I could move the pointer up slightly and click once to position my cursor in the message edit field.  Truly, I’m not sure how a totally blind person would work with this program. I’m using a combination of my bit of remaining central vision and the mouse echo feature in Window Eyes to use this software.  As the last of my central vision fades, I hope I will have figured out some additional means for navigating, so maybe the JAWS cursor method, then routing the PC curser there will help..







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Are you using Windows 7 or Windows 10? In Windows 7 NumPad 7 or Home would move the Jaws cursor to the top right of whatever Window you were in if the Jaws cursor was activated. This may still be the case in Windows 10 except in Windows 10 the Jaws cursor does not read very much any more in many situations, that is just the way Windows 10 works and not the fault of the Jaws cursor.


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Interesting and not intuitive.  Does that mean that JAWS does not offer the same kind of screen reviewing that Window Eyes did where I could use keys to navigate up and down the screen with the pointer?   These various modes are my bigger learning hurdle right now with JAWS.




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I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but there are two keystrokes in JAWS:


Get top left corner:




Get Bottom Right Corner:




Bill White



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Hi all,

I have a couple programs at work that do not work well with speech.  In Window-Eyes I could put the mouse pointer to the top left of the program window or dialog box, then arrow down to read some status lines or get close to the edit fields I need. 


With JAWS, I’m getting proficient with routing the JAWS cursor to PC, but I cannot figure out if there is a way to get my mouse pointer to the top left or bottom left corners of the focused window.  With Window Eyes, I just had to hit the 7 on the numpad.  Is there a method?





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