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Going away from gmail will not make much difference, if you don't want to be tracked then sell your smartphone, computer and any other possibly connected devices you have, then buy only in stores using cash and even then it will not be perfect. We live in a world where enjoying the conveniences of technology mean that we have to give up a certain amount of privacy and you may as well accept that. Trying to "make it harder" doesn't really work if you want to be online, buy stuff from Amazon, do Google searches etc. You just waste a lot of time trying to outfox these very smart companies who ultimately get what they want whether you have a gmail account or not. You might as well save yourself the time and effort, use the normal precautions about what you click on, what phone calls you accept and if it sounds or looks weird then chances are it is and it's better to hang up or press delete. How accepting the vast majority of people are becomes obvious with the recent Facebook privacy stuff. Yes, a bunch of people deleted their profiles, most opf them were probably people who didn't use Facebook that much to begin with. Now a couple of weeks have passed and Facebook stocks are going up again, it's all forgotten and if not forgotten then it's accepted and everybody hopes that maybe a few good things come of it with respect to Facebook being a bit more careful or the government implementing a few new safeguards.

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if anyone finds it, please repost as it might be useful to others on this list.

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Good Morning

I am not sure it was posted here or not, but a few weeks ago someone posted
an article of tips to reduce your tracking footprint so to speak To reduce
companies like google etc. from tracking and either selling your data to
advertisers or doing targeted ads to you. If that article could be reposted
or if someone could email me privately I would greatly appreciate it. I am
looking for that info and considering going away from a gmail address and
taking other steps nothing is full proof but I can make it harder for those

Thanks in advance


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