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in this case there is an addon for NVDA called instant translate.


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Yes I did, and I thought I responded to let you know I appreciated your responding.  The web site was all in Spanish, and I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that there was not an English version.  If I was too hasty in concluding the site was not what I could use, would you be so kind as to send that info to me again?



Tim Ford



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Did you by any chance get my response?



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My work is mainly focused in interpreting, but for the occasional translating stuff, I’ll go lazy and use this site:

It’s actually pretty solid. The Microsoft built in translator is also surprisingly good. works too, but that site is a little more funky to get around in with a screen reader last I tried.

Keeping in mind other factors like localization and register. I.E. The Spanish spoken in Mexico or Argentina, Cuba, Spain, etc will vary in idioms/slang and the level of education and so on.

The services I mentioned above are good for a foundation to work off of, but for more formal translation work, it’s not just a copy and paste job. You have to know what you’re talking about. But for casual communication or in a pinch, they’d more or less get the job done.

This is off the PC of course. The Google translate iOS app would be my choice for mobile, but they for whatever reason only offer Castilian Spanish which for the Latin American Spanish ear can be . . . tedious to listen to. That probably wouldn’t matter in this case though.




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Hello All,


I posted this request back a couple of weeks ago.  The one response I did get was not what I needed.  In posting again, and with my apologies, I am hopeful someone can help. 


I am using JAWS 17 with Windows 10.  I have a friend whose English is no better than my Spanish.  Is there a web site, Word feature, stand-alone software, or some other way for she and I to type and hit a button to translate?  It could be just reading the screen, or better yet, a button to press to have the computer speak the translation.  Any ideas are much appreciated!



Tim Ford


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